How does the Crisis Response Team (CRT) work?

Selected/volunteer police officers take part in a 5-day, 40-hour training program. The program includes mental health and substance abuse experts, legal experts, consumer/family advocates, and experienced Crisis Response Team (CRT) officers. Once trained CRT officers are in place, high-risk crisis calls are directed to an on-duty CRT officer.

The CRT officer leads a police-based crisis intervention of generalist officers. The CRT officer, employing a de-escalation intervention strategy, may access BHR crisis services, or transport the individual to a partnered hospital emergency room. The mental health system assumes custody and provides a police-friendly efficient turnaround time for the officer to return to normal patrol duties.

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1. What is the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?
2. How does the Crisis Response Team (CRT) work?
3. What is more than just training?
4. Why does our community need the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?
5. What are known outcomes of the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?