What is the tax base dollar value from residents in the robertson district large? What is the annual bill from Robertson?

The assessed valuation (AV) for the area of Hazelwood served by Robertson is $37,964,870 for Residential. The total valuation is $215,765,860 because so much of Robertson’s service area is commercial and industrial. The amount of taxes that would be collected is $5.1 million. Based on the interim agreement following termination of the contract, we are currently paying Robertson $333,450 per month, per agreement with the mediator.  That comes to $4,001,400 per year.

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1. What is the tax base dollar value from residents in the robertson district large? What is the annual bill from Robertson?
2. Why did the City propose NID twice?
3. How and why is Robertson's fire service more expensive than other neighboring districts?
4. Why does Robertson serve only 17% of Hazelwood residents but ALL Hazelwood residents pay for Robertson fire service?
5. How much money do we have to save in 2020 to break even? By saving 1.3M already in the bulleted actions, is this a break even point or does this still leave of in the RED?
6. Why can only residents in the Robertson area vote on the NID proposal?
7. Does annexation by a fire district mean those living in Robertson district would no longer be a part of Hazelwood and would be subject to higher taxes?
8. Why can't Hazelwood annex Robertson or Flo Valley district homes away from existing districts?
9. How many people joined the meeting by Zoom?
10. Why did Hazelwood sign such a long contract with Robertson in 1990?
11. Has Robertson been audited for the 10 percent every year?
12. What happens when the city runs out of money in 2021?
13. Does annexation mean that if we live in Robertson District, we can vote to be annexed by Hazelwood or Florissant Valley Fire Protection District?
14. If we annexed into the fire district, would we pay the $0.99 for Hazelwood taxes and $2.40 per $100 assessed value?
15. If Flo Valley and/or Robertson annex their original areas, would that reduce the payments to Hazelwood or would those people subsidize the cost for the Hazelwood Fire Department residents?
16. Why is Robertson charging a much higher rate than the other districts?
17. Why is Robertson so much more expensive than the others?
18. Only Robertson residents will be able to vote for the annexation, correct?
19. How can we get Robertson to accept the citizens initiative and put it on the ballot?
20. How do the services provided, firefighter pay and benefits, and other costs compare between Hazelwood and Robertson?
21. Why did Hazelwood sign the contract at all?
22. Has restructuring the 3 fire departments into 2 districts covering all of Hazelwood been considered?
23. What happens in 2021 when the city is unable to pay these fire districts? Will the city go bankrupt? Do we lose our fire service?
24. Does the difference between the original 1997 Robertson contract payments and 2017 payments take into account inflation in that time?
25. How does Robertson justify their rates compared to Hazelwood & Florissant Valley? Is there any give on their end?
26. What is the common ground the mediator is trying to find?
27. Who has the authority to lay off Robertson since there's no money to pay them?
28. What cuts are you looking at for the Hazelwood Police and Fire Departments?
29. Is there a way that the 17% of residents served by Robertson could pay the cost of Robertson if that's what a majority of them want?
30. By state law, the 17% only get to vote than is it a state law that those 17% of voters get to pay the taxes and not all Hazelwood residents?
31. How do we start a petition to have one fire dept and it to be Hazelwood? If Robertson didn't turn in the last petition, how can we trust them to turn in a new one?
32. Where can I learn more about this and take action with fellow citizens?
33. Why are there 3 districts now? What can we do to release Robertson and have another district take over?
34. How do we stay abreast of changing information regarding this matter?
35. How are taxes charged to tax exempt apartment complexes?
36. Why do you break down the cost by person?
37. What percent of Robertson's property tax income comes from within the Hazelwood city limits?
38. Where can we find the information on the last two tax increases for Robertson Fire District?
39. Why are we wasting time and taxpayer money in mediation and delaying the ultimate court ordered resolution?
40. Can we have Florissant Valley take over Hazelwood?
41. How many Robertson meetings have you attended?
42. Why did the City provide a loan to the St. Louis Curling Club? And why does the City provide the majority of businesses in Robertson with loans?
43. What are the pros and cons of mediation?
44. What are the pros and cons of de-annexation?
45. What was the decision on the citizen's petition?
46. How long does the judge expect discussion to continue before making a ruling?