The City of Hazelwood has used a number of incentive programs to attract and retain business and industry. Listed below are some of the programs currently available. Please contact Economic Developer David Cox for further information.

Foreign Trade Zone

  • Designated by US Department of Commerce
  • Hazelwood’s zones are part of the county’s airport FTZ
  • Allows goods to remain outside US Customs while awaiting distribution or final assembly
  • Other benefits can include inverted duties, deferrment of payment of duties and exporting benefits
  • Hazelwood Logistics Center and Lindbergh Distribution Center are in the zone
  • Application for designation of Aviator Business Park is pending
  • Click here for a map of the St. Louis County zone

Enhanced Enterprise Zone

  • State of Missouri Program administered locally by St. Louis County
  • Allows state tax credits for certain projects which locate in the zone
  • Credits are offerd by the State of Missouri based on the project and the pool of credits available
  • Only parts of Hazelwood, mostly south of I-270, are within the zone
  • Click here for a map of the St. Louis County zone

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

  • Used for redevelopment of blighted areas
  • Allows the TIF district to capture property taxes on new development
  • Bonds may be issued to finance development
  • The district can also capture some sales taxes
  • Generally used for large-scale developments
  • Hazelwood Logistics Center and Park 370/St. Louis Mills are TIF districts

Transportation Development District (TDD)

  • Can be either community-wide or a specific area
  • Allows for a special sales tax to be levied
  • Used to fund transportation improvements such as streets, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, etc.
  • Hazelwood Logistics Center, Park 370/St. Louis Mills and Elm Grove are TDD districts

Chapter 100

  • Bonds, can be tax free
  • Bonds can be issued for buildings or machinery and equipment
  • Propoerty financed may be exempt or partially exempt from property taxes
  • Materials used in construction may be exempt from state and local sales tax
  • Property financed is owned by a local government entity and leased to the company
  • The company may buy the bonds or place for sale

Chapter 353

  • Requires a finding of blight for a project
  • Allows real estate taxes to be abated on buildings
  • Land is taxed at an unimproved rate
  • Generallly available for a long term (around 20 years)
  • May require a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT)
  • Aviator Business Park is a Chapter 353 development

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