City Manager

City Manager

Matthew Zimmerman

Mr. Matthew Zimmerman is the City Manager for the City of Hazelwood. Zimmerman has over 30 years of municipal government experience.  Most recently, he served as the city manager of Emporia, KS, since 2007.  His prior experience includes spending four years as the city administrator of Prospect Heights, IL, and serving in similar capacities for several Illinois communities, in the Chicago area, since 1982.  Zimmerman holds a M.A. in Public Administration from Northern Illinois University and a B.S. from Quincy College.

Zimmerman can be reached directly by telephone at (314) 513-5010 or via email at  

The City Manager is appointed to serve as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer for the City of Hazelwood and is responsible to the elected City Council for the proper management of the City’s affairs in accordance with the policies as determined by the Council. Within the City Manager’s office is:

Admin. Assistant to City Manager

Cindy Mihelich (314) 513-5011

The City Manager’s Administrative Assistant is responsible for all worker’s comp claims, city property insurance claims (damages & liability), department accounts payable, pension plan administration and various HR duties.

Block Party Permit Application
Parade Permit Application
Car Wash Permit Application
Roadway Solicitation Permit Application

Assistant City Manager

The Assistant City Manager assists the City Manager in areas of personnel, citizen requests, special projects, and represents the City Manager’s office at various regional committees and organizations.

Community & Economic Development Coordinator

Becky Ahlvin (314) 513-5018

The Community & Economic Development Coordinator’s office handles business contacts and certain areas of community interest. In a meet and greet capacity, the office is responsible for facilitating the entry, maintenance and expansion of business in the City. In regards to community interest, the office becomes involved in public relations, marketing and events which impact or affect the City. The Community & Economic Development Coordinator represents the City in a business and social capacity to help maintain the economic health of the body politic.

Communications Coordinator

Tim Davidson (314) 513-5014

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for communicating to city residents, employees and the public at large information about the City of Hazelwood. This is done through a city newsletter; an employee newsletter; the website; and through various media outlets in the region.

Project Development Coordinator

Nikki Miller (314) 513-5031

The Project Development Coordinator creates and maintains data relating to maps, Economic Development and marketing efforts.

Human Resources Assistant

Kim Atwood (314) 513-5015

Provides information to employees regarding benefit plans, procedures and records. Runs employment vacancy advertisements.

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