Hazelwood Fire Department

6800 Howdershell Road
Hazelwood, MO 63042
Phone: 314-731-3424
Fax: 314-731-1976

Dave Herman, Fire Chief

Email drherman@hazelwoodmo.org

Welcome to the Hazelwood Fire Department web site. It is the vision of our Department to be acknowledged by our public and peers as sincere, caring, and willing professionals. In order to achieve and maintain this goal, we have adopted a customer service philosophy, not only toward our citizens but also toward each other. While maintaining these values requires daily effort, we believe the sum of our Department lies with the men and women who comprise it. We take pride in our Department and are proud of each other. The results of our efforts can be seen in the quality programs and equipment outlined within this site. If, after browsing our site, you have additional questions, feel free to contact any member of our team.

Fire Department Stations


Station #1 is located at 6100 N. Lindbergh in the heart of Hazelwood’s industrial center near Boeing Corp. and G.K.N. Aerospace Industries. The Station is manned daily by four full time personnel operating a Smeal quint 75 foot ladder.  Our Technical Rescue truck, 4189, is also housed at Station #1.  This rig is stocked with specialized, technical rope rescue equipment and accessories.  4117, our reserve ambulance is also at Station #1.


Station #2 is located in our residential area at 6800 Howdershell Road. The Station houses the Department’s administrative offices, training center, and fire prevention bureau. In addition to the administrative team, the Station is staffed daily by seven full time personnel operating a Smeal quint 85 foot aerial platform, a rescue support vehicle, and a paramedic ambulance.

Fire Department Apparatus

In 1995 the Department adopted the quint concept. In order to accomplish this, the officers and members of the Department developed specifications for two quint apparatus. The goal was to reduce the number of vehicles used and increase manning per vehicle. The result is increased safety for our personnel, reduced maintenance costs, and a marked increase in initial response effectiveness. Quint style trucks feature five essential elements: 1. a water pump, 2. a water tank, 3. a full compliment of hose, 4. a full compliment of ground ladders, and 5. an aerial ladder with a master water stream appliance. Below are the general specifications of our quint fire trucks, all manufactured by the Smeal Corp. of Nebraska.



Truck 4125 is a 2010 model, 85 foot quint ladder platform built by the Smeal Company of Nebraska. This unit carries 350 gallons of water, a 50 gallon foam cell, 800 feet of 5 inch hose, 400 feet of 3 inch hose, three 1-3/4 inch preconnects a 2-1/2 inch preconnect and a 1-1/2 inch front mounted booster. The truck is powered by a series 60 Detroit diesel engine supporting a 1500 gpm single stage pump. There are two large air cylinders attached to the ladder for breathing air at the aerial platform and for refilling self-contained breathing apparatus. The truck is staffed with at least one paramedic and carries paramedic equipment like that on an ambulance. The vehicle carries several types of rescue equipment, qualifying the truck as a rescue unit.


Truck 4115 is a 75 foot ladder truck that carries 500 gallons of water, a 50 gallon foam cell, 1000 feet of 5 inch hose, 500 feet of 3 inch hose, three 1-3/4 inch preconnects, a 2-1/2 inch preconnect, and a 1-1/2 inch front mounted booster. The unit is powered by a series 60 Detroit diesel engine supporting a 1500 gpm single stage pump. This truck features the latest technology in hydraulic rescue tools which can be rapidly deployed from reels in a rear truck compartment. This truck also qualifies as a rescue unit.



Unit 4197 is a 2009 Type III ambulance custom built on a GMC 4500 chassis by the American Emergency Vehicles company of North Carolina. Staffed with 2 paramedics, our Hazelwood ambulance service maintains the latest technologies in patient care, including digital communication and reporting technology, 12 lead heart monitoring, the latest airway management systems, and advanced I-V therapy.

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