National Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week

Even now, at least 80% of drivers who have car seats in their cars do not have them installed properly. And car crashes remain the LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in children under 14 years of age. If you use a car seat for your child, give it a tug to make sure it’s in tight enough. You should have no more than ONE INCH of lateral play at the seat belt line.

Older kids should be in a belt-positioning booster seat (with lap & shoulder belt) until their ears are taller than the back of the booster seat or until their knees bend at the edge of the car?s back seat like an adult?s would. In other words, when seated in the car’s back seat, the child’s thigh, from knee to hip, should be the full front/back measurement of the car’s seat.

If you have friends or relatives who are unsure whether or not their child’s seat is installed properly, have them call the Hazelwood Fire Department to make an appointment to have it checked by individuals trained in this area. 731-3424.

“Give it a second thought.”

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