Explorer Scout Program

The Explorer program is a division of the Boy Scouts of America that allows youth from age 14 through 20 an opportunity to “try out” a career in the fire service without actually having to go through the educational and hiring process. Members first go through a Basic Training course in order to get familiar with the tools and operations of the fire service. Once completed, they earn the privilege of riding on the fire apparatus with the professional firefighters to real emergency calls. They are allowed to do many of the tasks that paid firefighters do on the fire ground, but largely in a support role.

Regular Explorer Post meetings are held each Tuesday evening from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm at Hazelwood Fire Station #2, 6800 Howdershell Rd. in Hazelwood, Missouri. Explorers are expected to maintain a good attendance record for these and other special meetings or activities that may be planned. Business and activity planning is discussed at some meetings and practical firefighter training is conducted at others.

Activities are usually organized and executed by Post officers who are elected by the membership, but leadership opportunities are available in various ways for any Post member. Training exercises, field trips, fund raising, and recreational activities are always in planning stages.

Exploring in the fire service gives its members a chance to serve the community through fire department activities that are not restricted to emergency services. Among other things, public safety education for children and adults is offered on a regular basis through the fire department along with installation of smoke detectors in homes and child safety seats in cars.

Since 1993, Hazelwood Fire Department Explorer Post #9341 continues to serve area youth with a quality program that allows them to participate in a realistic career-type experience for them to determine whether a job in the fire and emergency services field might be an ideal career choice. Over the years, many youth from the Hazelwood Fire Explorers have become professionals in the emergency services fields and the Post continues to earn critical acclaim as an exemplary program.

For more information on the program, contact Battalion Chief Dan Leichenauer or call 314-731-3424.

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