Our Services

Home Inspections

Upon request, the fire department can inspect private homes for fire and life safety hazards. The homeowner then voluntarily handles safety recommendations.

Loan of Equipment

The Fire Department has a limited amount of wheelchairs, crutches, and walkers for loan to residents free of charge when needed.

Safety Helmets

We aggressively promote child safety in all forms. Safety helmets for use while riding bicycles, skate boards, scooters, etc. are a MUST for children. One single accident can be tragic. We offer safety helmets for a fee of only $8 to residents of our community. This price covers nothing more than our cost and is a small price to pay for the safety it offers. We will also assist in making sure the helmet has the proper fit for your child.

Child Car Seat Safety

The Hazelwood Fire Department can assist with installing car seats for Hazelwood residents. An appointment to schedule this install can be made by calling (314) 731-3424.

Safe Place

Safe Place is a program where immediate access to help and other supportive resources are available for young people in a crisis. Volunteers with the program will come and meet with the youth at a A Safe Place site and assist them to obtain a number of services including counseling or a temporary shelter. The A Safe Place program was initiated in Louisville, Kentucky in 1983 and has gradually expanded to 96 cities across the United States. In St. Louis, the A Safe Place program is directed by Youth in Need, which also operates the Youth Emergency Shelter program. These are all temporary shelters for young people in a crisis situation.

Teenagers are three to five times more likely than any other age group to be victimized by other people, and those who run away from home are in constant danger on the streets. Project A Safe Place can help keep our teenagers safe. A teen can go to a Hazelwood fire station displaying the yellow and black A Safe Place sign. Teenagers who ask for help will receive help from a trained volunteer within 15 minutes of their call. This help is free and confidential and might include counseling at the shelter, a ride home, or other services. A representative from A Safe Place will also visit local schools upon request to give out information about the A Safe Place program.

The Hazelwood Fire Department is proud to be a part of the A Safe Place program. Our stations are located at 6800 Howdershell Road and 6100 N. Lindbergh Boulevard or we can be contacted in an emergency by dialing 9-1-1. Our business phone number is (314) 731-3424.

Don’t wait until problems get out of hand – run to SAFETY. The longer teenagers are away from home, the greater the distance grows between them and their families. A Safe Place is a place to run to for help.

Smoke Detectors

The Fire Department will furnish smoke detectors to Hazelwood residents who demonstrate a need for one. There is a simple form to file with the fire department that can be downloaded from the smoke detector link below. Landlords for rental property are required to furnish smoke detectors for their tenants.

If you have smoke detectors and aren’t sure of where to place them, we can come to your home and show you the proper location(s). According to State law, each level of the home including the basement must have a smoke detector.


Tours of our fire stations are given upon request. Fire prevention and safety talks can be arranged for your group at our fire station or on your site. We are happy to “tailor-make” our talks to suit your needs. A tour typically consists of a walk-through of our fire station, display and discussion of a safety video in our training room, and a view of equipment on the fire truck and ambulance. Call to schedule the event, 314-731-3424.

File-of-Life Program

This program aids in the correct treatment of the resident on EMS emergencies. The File-of-Life program calls for keeping a resident’s medical data on a form, in a marked envelope that attaches magnetically to your refrigerator where it is available to emergency crews should the resident be unable to provide the information at the time of the illness or injury. When making emergency calls, both Fire and Police Department personnel are trained to check for a File-of-Life when first arriving on the scene. For further information about this program, call Fire Station No. 2 at 314-731-3424.


Click the Star of Life to download the form for your medical information



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