Fire Prevention


The Fire Prevention Bureau is headed by the Deputy Fire Marshal. The Fire Chief is the Fire Marshal by City ordinance. The Deputy Fire Marshal is responsible for all plan reviews, new construction inspections, existing structure inspections done twice annually, fire brigade training, and investigations. The Deputy Fire Marshal is assisted by one fire fighter from each of the three shifts. The fire fighters work a 24-hour shift, however their daytime hours are spent doing inspections and handling other Bureau responsibilities. Public Educational program responsibilities are shared between the Deputy Fire Marshal and the Public Relations Officer. Some of the public education programs offered are the “Learn Not to Burn(tm)” program in schools, smoke detector program, C.E.R.T. program, and the Risk Watch(tm) Summer Camp.

Keep the Wreath Red Campaign


Holiday fires seem even more tragic just because of the time of year. But they can be especially devastating for families whose members become part of the fire death or injury statistics.

Each year the Hazelwood Fire Department runs a campaign for public awareness of holiday fire safety called “Keep the Wreath Red.” A large holiday wreath will be placed on the front of each fire station containing all red bulbs. If a fire incident occurs which is related to the holiday season, a red bulb is replaced with a white one. The idea is for the community to keep the wreath red. It is a way for all of us to keep our mind on holiday fire safety. Always use care when decorating and cooking during any holiday season. And at Christmas time, take an extra minute to make sure YOU can keep the wreath red.


Safety Clubhouse


The Hazelwood Fire Department Safety Clubhouse is a sophisticated educational tool for teaching important fire safety messages to elementary school-aged children. Special arrangements can be made for safety lessons for teens or adults if requested. The Clubhouse is a trailer pulled by a Suburban. It simulates a small replica of a house with a living room, kitchen, and bedroom and is handicapped accessible. Various fire hazards are set up in the rooms and a light non-toxic “smoke” is used to simulate a fire situation.


Qualifying Events for Use of Clubhouse

The Safety Clubhouse may be requested for events planned as public educational activities. We do not use the Clubhouse as a game or “showpiece” attraction such as part of a carnival or store grand opening. Requests for scheduling events within the City of Hazelwood shall be approved by Battalion Chief R. Getz or Dep. Fire Marshal John Otte.

Agencies planning educational activities outside the City of Hazelwood that wish to have the Clubhouse at their event must first contact their local fire department. We can then work with them to cover operational logistics. Requests for use outside Hazelwood also require approval from the Hazelwood Fire Chief.

Any questions regarding logistical or operational requirements may be directed to Battalion Chief Randy Getz or Dep. Fire Marshal John Otte at 731-3424.

Click the picture to download info on reserving the Safety Clubhouse for your event.



Fire Prevention Week


Each year in October, Fire Prevention Week is a time we focus on specific fire safety themes that come up through the year. The National Fire Protection Association spearheads the theme for the season and fire departments across the nation join together in getting the safety message out in a variety of ways.

Last year’s theme was, “Smoke Alarms: A Sound You Can Live With”

The Hazelwood Fire Department joins in efforts to educate school children and the public in general on safety topics all year long. During Fire Prevention Week we will be in the schools and around town with literature and discussion about fire safety.

Emergency Medical Services Week


Ever since former President Ford signed the first official proclamation in 1973, national Emergency Medical Services Week has been celebrated each year to recognize the accomplishments of the men and women who dedicate themselves to saving the lives of others and to educating the public about how and when to utilize EMS services.

Each May, the Hazelwood Fire Department teams up with local businesses, and medical care facilities to showcase the services that provide the vital link between EMS personnel and the Hazelwood community.

We take the opportunity to display our fire apparatus staffed with paramedics and featuring Advanced Life Support equipment at various locations around the City. The public invited to view the equipment, see how it works, ask questions of the EMS team, receive printed information on use of the emergency services in the area and on general health. They may also receive a blood pressure check and pulse/blood oxygen level reading for free upon request.

This is a time when the public can get to know the people and the level of competency of those who will come to help them when they dial 9-1-1. Hopefully you’ll never have to use us, but if you do, you’ll know you can trust us with your lives.

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