Fire Prevention


The Fire Prevention Bureau is headed by the Deputy Fire Marshal. The Fire Chief is the Fire Marshal by City ordinance. The Deputy Fire Marshal is responsible for all plan reviews, new construction inspections, existing structure inspections done twice annually, fire brigade training, and investigations. The Deputy Fire Marshal is assisted by one fire fighter from each of the three shifts. The fire fighters work a 24-hour shift, however their daytime hours are spent doing inspections and handling other Bureau responsibilities. Public Educational program responsibilities are shared between the Deputy Fire Marshal and the Public Relations Officer. Some of the public education programs offered are the “Learn Not to Burn(tm)” program in schools, smoke detector program, C.E.R.T. program, and the Risk Watch(tm) Summer Camp.

Fire Prevention Month

Each year in October, Fire Prevention Month is a time we focus on specific fire safety. The Hazelwood Fire Department joins in efforts to educate school children and the public in general on safety topics all year long. During Fire Prevention Month, we will be in the schools and around town with literature, discussions about fire safety, and our safety house.

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