Parks & Recreation Fee Schedule

Resident Identification Card

A Current Resident card is required to obtain picnic permits, admittance to White Birch Bay Aquatic Center, to fish at Truman Pond and to receive resident rates for classes and room rentals.

Resident Identification Card (age 6 and over): $3.00
Replacement Identification Card: $3.00

Facility Usage

An annual facility usage fee is required, in conjunction with a current resident card, for access to the Community Center and Civic Center East amenities: gymnasium, weight room and game room.

Premier Passes/Annual Memberships:
Residents:  Individuals ($60) / Senior ($30) / Family ($150)
Non-Residents: Individual/Senior ($90) / Family ($225)

Daily Usage Fee

As an option to the annual Premier Pass, residents may pay a daily fee to use the facilities. A current Resident Card is required.

Children/Seniors: $1.00
Adults (18 – 54 years): $2.00
Non-Resident Fee – Child (6-15): $3.00
Non-Resident Fee – Adult (18 & Over): $4.00

Park Pavilion Reservations

Hazelwood residents may reserve a park pavilion for the current season. A current Resident Card is required. Resident Not-for-Profit organizations and businesses wishing to reserve a park pavilion must submit a written request to the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. Park Pavilions may be reserved 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.  A $40 reservation fee is required for all Park Pavilion Reservations.

St. Louis County residents may reserve Howdershell and Musick Park pavilions ONLY. Reservations may be made 30 days in advance of the requested date, depending on pavilion availability. A $50 reservation fee is required for these non-resident Park Pavilion Reservations.

Community Center
Telephone: (314) 731-0980
Fax: (314) 731-0989

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