A message from the City of Hazelwood’s Green Committee:

Thank you to the hundreds of Hazelwood residents who submitted their recycle pledge cards last year and made a commitment to recycle more.  Our recycling tonnage collected by Republic Services has stabilized with a slight uptick in certain months indicating more residents are using their recycling carts.  This is great news because your efforts are helping us divert recyclable items away from local landfills!

Since we received such a good turnout last year, we’re starting a 2017 Pledge to Recycle Campaign to give more residents a chance to participate.  Like last year, we’re offering fabulous prizes for adults as well as children who make a commitment to helping us save our planet and conserve our natural resources through recycling.  Some of the amazing prizes include tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals’ home game, an American Express gift card, free admission passes to Hazelwood’s White Birch Bay Aquatic Center and much more.

To take advantage of the warm weather, free admission passes for the whole family will be given away to lucky winners who turn in their recycle pledge cards by July 1st.  A prize drawing event will be held right after the Fourth of July.  We will also be collecting pledge cards at Hazelwood’s Harvestfest inside the City Tent at Howdershell Park on Sat., Sept. 9th.  Another prize drawing will take place later in the month after the City’s Recycle Day.  Deadline to submit pledge cards and be eligible for this round of prizes is Sat., Sept. 16.

To participate, simply fill out a recycling pledge card and sign it.  A copy of one can be downloaded and printed off your computer by clicking the link below.  Additionally, flyers with a recycling pledge card printed on them can be found at City Hall, Civic Center East and the Hazelwood Community Center.  Just fill in the blanks, tear it off and drop it inside the collection box at each location.  Be sure to take one of our free recycling magnets sitting next to the box with you to put on your refrigerator.

Click here to download and print a copy of Hazelwood’s Recycling Pledge Card

We are pleased to announce that the City of Hazelwood’s 7th Annual Recycle Day is scheduled for Sat., Sept. 16, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  The event will be held in the St. Louis Outlet Mall parking lot (near the IceZone).  New features for this year’s event include EPC collecting TVs and computer monitors for $15 each and Citishred providing shredding services from 9 a.m. to Noon.  More event information will be coming out soon.  This will be your third, and final opportunity, to turn in your recycling pledge card for another prize giveaway event.


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