Crime Prevention Tips

If you have any information regarding criminal activity within the community please call us at 314-513-5130 or email us at


  • Always lock your doorseven when you are home!
  • Buy high quality dead bolt locks and use them!
  • Keep your garage doors closed and lockedeven when you are home!
  • Install peep holes in doors, never admit strangers to your home and always ask for identification from deliver or service persons!

On the Street

  • Dress so that you can walk or run to avoid an attack!
  • Avoid unlighted, unpopulated areas!
  • Pay attention to everything that is going on around youto be forewarned is to be forearmed!
  • Always try to walk with someone else (even your dog) but if you must walk alone, always walk confidently, with your head up making eye contact with those you meet!
  • If someone is following you, cross the street, vary your pace and find a store or other public place and use the phone to call the police department!

In a Car


  • Keep your doors locked and windows rolled up!
  • Park in areas that will be well lighted when you return!
  • Keep valuables out of sight (such as in the truck)never on the seat!
  • Always check the back seat and around the car before getting inand if you see someone in or around your car return to a public place and call the police!
  • If you have car trouble raise the hood, turn on the flashers and tie a white cloth to your antenna or outside handle, stay inside with the windows up and doors lockednever go with anyone offering you a ride, ask anyone stopping to call the police to help you!

It is very important that if you see anything suspicious – please call the police department! 314 513-5130

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