Code Enforcement

Dave Clemens
Code Administrator/Building Official
: (314) 513-5063
Fax: (314) 839-0249

Additional Contact Numbers
Residential Occupancy & Inspections: 314-513-5032
Commercial Occupancy & Building Inspections: 314-513-5033 


The purpose of the Code Enforcement Division is to promote and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens and occupants of Hazelwood through an effective pro-active code compliance program. City Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of Hazelwood codes, ordinances and regulations.

Residential Occupancy Permit Program

Since January 1, 2002, the City of Hazelwood Occupancy Permit program has been the City’s ongoing attempt to improve the safety, quality, and maintenance of existing residential living units and property. The Occupancy Inspection Process is brought about by the change in the occupancy of any residential unit. Our nationally Certified Code Enforcement Officers perform inspections of both the interior and exterior of a property prior to re-occupancy. These compliance inspections are based on the requirements of the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code, a globally recognized Code used throughout the United States. The main purpose of the Code is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the City’s inhabitants by assuring existing properties are brought into compliance with safety-oriented and maintenance requirements. The City of Hazelwood’s ultimate goal is safe, well-maintained places to live, work and play. These Occupancy Inspections have helped maintain neighborhoods as well as the property values of existing homes in our community. They have also played a role in saving lives through the safety requirements for smoke detectors, carbon-monoxide detectors, and ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).

Residential Occupancy Forms

Residential Occupancy Inspection Guide
Residential Occupancy Inspection Application
Residential Occupancy Permit Application
New Resident Guide

Commercial/Industrial Occupancy Permits
Commercial Occupancy Permit Application

Code Enforcement also performs safety-oriented and maintenance requirements for all New Businesses in the City of Hazelwood.

Rear Yards — Code Enforcement does not have legal access to rear yards to cite violations, so Code Enforcement relies on HELP from adjoining property owners lodging anonymous complaints. 

Building Codes and Construction

Code Enforcement is also tasked with regulating building permits in the City of Hazelwood. Code Enforcement performs Building Code plan reviews, issues permits and performs inspections. Types of construction projects range from the St. Louis Outlet Mall to a residential fence permit. In addition to the City of Hazelwood Municipal Code, the City has adopted and enforces the following codes promulgated from the Internationally recognized International Code Council (ICC) whose codes are used world-wide. 

Adopted and enforced are the following:

2015 International Building Code
2015 International Residential Code
2015 International Mechanical Code
2015 International Fire Code
2015 International Property Maintenance Code
2015 International Fuel Gas Code
2015 International Energy Conservation Code

The City of Hazelwood also contracts with St. Louis County for Electrical, Plumbing, Elevator and Amusement permits and applications.

Building Permit Applications

Building Permit Application
Clandestine Drug Remediation Permit Application
Clandestine Pre-Sample Permit Application
Demolition Permit Application
Domestic Fowl Permit
Excavation Permit Application
Residential Re-Roof Packet
Fence Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Swimming Pool Permit Application
Trash Enclosure Permit

Building Guides and Details

Fence Regulations and Installation Guide
Residential Code Deck Details
Swimming Pool Permit Guidelines

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