Code Enforcement

Travis Ham
Code Administrator/Building Official
: (314) 513-5065
Fax: (314) 839-0249

Additional Contact Numbers:
Occupancy Inspections & Code Enforcement (314) 513-5032
Commercial Occupancy & Building Inspections (314) 513-5033 

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Division is to promote and improve the safety, health and welfare of the citizens and occupants of Hazelwood through an effective pro-active code compliance program.  City Code Enforcement Officers are responsible for the enforcement of Hazelwood codes, ordinances and regulations, including, but not limited to the Residential Occupancy Permit Program, Minimum Housing and Nuisance Violations and Building Codes and Ordinances. In addition to the above regulations, the Code Enforcement Division provides the following services plus much more to the community:

  • Investigates complaints in a timely manner and takes appropriate action
  • Investigates immediately all health and safety issues brought to their attention
  • Provides information concerning Hazelwood codes and ordinances
  • Assists citizens with compliance measures
  • Assists in the enforcement of ordinances and laws regulating the construction industry
  • Assists public with all matters relating to violations in a courteous and expeditious manner.

Residential Occupancy Permit Program

Since January 1, 2002, the City of Hazelwood Occupancy Permit program has been the City’s ongoing attempt to improve the safety, quality and maintenance of existing residential living units and property.  The Occupancy Inspection Process is brought about by the change in the occupancy of any residential unit.  Our nationally Certified Code Enforcement Officers perform inspections of both the interior and exterior of a property prior to re-occupancy. These compliance inspections are based on the requirements of the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code, a globally recognized Code used throughout the United States.  The main purpose of the Code is to protect the safety, health and welfare of the City’s inhabitants by assuring existing properties are brought into compliance with safety-oriented and maintenance requirements. The City of Hazelwood’s ultimate goal…safe and maintained places to Live, Work and Play.  These Occupancy Inspections have helped maintain neighborhoods as well as the property values of existing homes in our community.  They have also played a role in saving lives through the safety requirements for smoke detectors, carbon-monoxide detectors and ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).

Residential Occupancy Forms

Residential Occupancy Inspection Guide
Residential Occupancy Inspection Application
Residential Occupancy Permit Application

Commercial/Industrial Occupancy Permits

Commercial Occupancy Permit Application

The City of Hazelwood Code Enforcement also performs safety-oriented and maintenance requirements for all New Businesses in the City of Hazelwood.

Minimum Housing and Nuisance Violations

Although Code Enforcement is principally proactive, all citizen complaints are kept anonymous, graciously received and investigated.

Rear Yards — Code Enforcement does not have legal access to rear yards to cite violations, so Code Enforcement relies on HELP from adjoining property owners lodging an anonymous complaints.

Whenever violations are found, pictures are taken and a “courtesy infraction notice” or “housing infraction notice” is issued in an attempt to obtain voluntary compliance.  If you are a recipient of an “infraction notice,” communications with the Code Enforcement Officer is highly recommended.  In some cases, time extensions can be obtained if necessary and requested.  If there is no communication with the City and the violation continues past the “infraction notice” re-inspection date, violations will result in Code Enforcement issuing a Municipal Court Summons and a Court date. Below is a sample list of items Code Enforcement is tasked with regulating and assuring Code Compliance:

  • Grass or weeds over 8 inches
  • No building permits
  • Trash, limbs and debris
  • Parking of vehicles on unimproved surfaces
  • Unsafe/Unfit structures
  • Derelict, Unlicensed Vehicles on residential property
  • Residential Occupancy Inspections and Permits
  • Nuisance Noise

The Hazelwood Animal Control Officer works through the Hazelwood Police Department
Contact Info:  (314) 838-5000

Home Improvement Program

The City of Hazelwood’s Federally Funded Home Improvement Program is operated for the City by St. Louis County.  For additional information and/or questions, please click the link below for more details:

 City of Hazelwood Home Improvement Program

Building Codes and Construction

Code Enforcement is also tasked with regulating building permits in the City of Hazelwood.  Code Enforcement performs Building Code plan reviews, issues permits and performs inspections.  Types of construction projects range from the St. Louis Outlet Mall to a residential fence permit.  In addition to the City of Hazelwood Municipal Code, the City has adopted and enforces the following codes promulgated from the Internationally recognized International Code Council (ICC) whose codes are used world-wide.


Adopted and enforced are the following:

2009 International Building Code
2009 International Residential Code
2009 International Mechanical Code
2009 International Fire Code
2009 International Property Maintenance Code
2009 International Fuel Gas Code
2009 International Energy Conservation Code

The City of Hazelwood also contracts with St. Louis County for Electrical, Plumbing, Elevator and Amusement permits and applications.

Why do I need a building permit?

There are many reasons for obtaining building permits for construction. Taking out a permit provides you the City services of a code compliant review that will make sure the plans are complete, the plans comply with accepted engineering principles, as well as codes and ordinances adopted by the City.  In addition, a building inspector will continuously perform inspections of most phases of construction to assure the construction is consistent with the approved plans and construction techniques.  Also, the inspector makes sure all details and standards are being met.


Fast Track Re-Roof Packet


Residential Code Deck Details

Fence Regulations and Installation Guide

Swimming Pool Permit Guidelines


Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Excavation Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Fence Permit Application

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Domestic Fowl Permit

Trash Enclosure Permit

Clandestine Drug Manufacturing Property Remediation

Occasionally, Code Enforcement is called to a property where a Drug Manufacturing operation is taking place.  The Police Department removes any and all visible drug manufacturing ingredients and materials and closes the operation.  Due to Clandestine Drug Manufacturing on the property, Code Enforcement declares the property “UNFIT.”

The manufacturing on the property may have ceased but the by-products of the process can still be hazardous to any future occupants.  These by-product fumes are absorbed into the components of the property like carpet, drywall, paint, insulation and duct work systems.  Because of the hazard that remains, the City of Hazelwood and Code Enforcement have developed an Ordinance.  This Ordinance requires licensed  Contractors test the components of property and properly clean and remove any of the remaining hazardous materials.

As a further safety requirement, the City requires that the initial testing and post clean-up testing be performed by different licensed testing/clean-up companies.  This assures that these properties have been properly cleaned and will not pose a hazard to future occupants of the property.


Clandestine Pre-Sample Permit Application

Clandestine Drug Remediation Permit Application

These forms are viewable with free Adobe Acrobat reader.  Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Viewer if you do not have Acrobat on your PC.

City Sewer Lateral Repair Program

Contact: Nikki Miller, Project Manager/GIS Analyst
Phone: (314) 513-5031

Work Covered By City Sewer Lateral Program

  1. After a failed attempt to open the sewer lateral by rotary cutter, the property owner should contact a plumbing company to camera their sewer lateral line.  Root blockage/infiltration does not qualify for the Sewer Lateral Repair Program.
  2. After review of the video, the City will determine eligibility for the Sewer Lateral Repair Program.  If eligible, the City will determine the lowest and/or best bid and will authorize the approved St. Louis County licensed plumber/drain layer to do the repair.
  3. If eligible, cost of the camera work is reimbursed at 90% to the property owner.  The property owner shall be responsible for the remaining 10%.
  4. If eligible, corrective sewer lateral repair work is reimbursed at 90% to the Contractor, less $30 for the excavation permit.  The property owner shall be responsible for the remaining 10%.
  5. The City Sanitary Sewer Lateral Program includes repair or replacement of the defective portion of the sewer lateral line, filling the trench, and seed and straw.  Right-of-way public sidewalk and sewer replacement is covered when required.  The property owner shall be responsible for all other restoration (landscaping, pavement or other work requested by the property owner.
  6. The maximum City contribution shall be $7,500.00.
  7. Sewer line maintenance cost is not covered by the program.
  8. Property owners who are delinquent in paying the City sewer lateral fee will not be allowed to participate in the Sewer Lateral Repair Program until all delinquent fees and/or penalties are paid.

Click here to download and print copies of the Sanitary Sewer Lateral Program Application

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