Maintenance Department Services

Pot Hole Patching

The Maintenance Department repairs the pot holes throughtout the City. If you have information regarding pothole patching please call us at 731-8701 or you can E-mail us just leave the street name and the location of the pothole and we will patch it.

Tree Trimming

The City of Hazelwood does not trim trees that are located on a residents property or tree limbs which are overhanging onto power lines. If you have a tree hanging over a power line, please call Ameren-UE at 342-1000. If there are tree limbs obstructing the view of drivers on the road, please call the Maintenance Department 731-8701 or e-mail us and let us know where the obstruction is and we will trim the tree out of the way of motorists.

Street Lights

Street lights are maintained by Ameren-UE. If you have a street light that is out in your area, please call Ameren-UE to report it. The following information is needed to report a street light out: 1. Pole # (located on the light pole) 2. street and address of the light.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are maintained by St. Louis County or the Missouri Department of Transportation. If you are experiencing difficulties with any traffic lights please report them to St. Louis County at 889-2000 or Missouri Department of Transportation at 340-4100.

Street Sign Requests

If you would like to request a stop sign, yeild sign, no parking signs or any type of street sign, you must call the Hazelwood Police Department for this request at 839-3700. If you are calling to report a damaged sign that need repairs please call the Maintenance Department at 731-8701.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is performed by the Maintenance Department. The Street Sweeper is usually taken out onto the streets for cleaning four times a year. If you have a request to have your street swept before we get there please call us at 731-8701 or E-mail us and we will then send out our Street Sweeper.

Snow Removal

The City of Hazelwood has a snow removal operation that goes into effect for the first time the roads get slippery and around here it happens quite often. The Maintenance Department has snow plow crews that work around the clock when needed to clear intersections and streets in the City. It makes the snow plow drivers job a lot easier when people do not park their cars along the side of road when we have a significant amount of snowfall. The plow trucks cannot plow down some of the streets when cars are parked in the street. It is much easier to park your vehicles in the driveways when possible so that the plows can get through the streets and not do any accidental damage to vehicles. If you need further information regarding snow removal call 731-8701 we will be glad to help you.

Rodent Control

The Maintenance Department has employees who are licensed to perform rat abatements within the City of Hazelwood. If you are need of this service, please call the Maintenance Department at 731-8701 to schedule an appointment. This service is provided by appointment only.

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