City of Hazelwood Contracts with St. Louis County to Control Mosquitos

The Hazelwood City Council has approved an $8,500/per year contract with the St. Louis County Vector Control (Mosquito) Program to be included in the 2018/19 fiscal year budget.  St. Louis County has already started providing the City with an integrated pest management system that focuses on reducing the population of mosquitos and preventing diseases like Zika and West Nile without using an excessive amount of chemicals.

The contract consists of three parts: surveillance; larviciding; and adulticiding (fogging).  Surveillance involves trapping and testing mosquitos for a more targeted approach.  This is usually done from May through October.  The traps are set one night a week and then taken back to the office.  The captured mosquitos are tested for the presence of Zika or West Nile.  Population counts are taken as well.

Larvicide pellets are tossed into a creek

In areas where the population counts are high, the County sends out vector specialists who treat standing water in public areas with larviciding.  These breeding sites include sewers, ditches, retention basins, ponds, lakes, creeks and neglected swimming pools just to mention a few.  Larviciding is the most effective way to kill mosquitos.  It provides the biggest bang for the bucks spent on mosquito control services.

Besides the surveillance and larviciding, the County uses fogging that is done at night.  With the frequency of use depending on the surveillance efforts. If fogging is done in Hazelwood, it would be on Monday nights.  It would only be done where it’s needed most.

The County uses truck-mounted sprayers that are calibrated so the droplet sizes meet the legal requirements for killing mosquitos effectively.  The City management staff will be notified ahead of time when the County plans to do any fogging.

For mosquito inquiries or to report problems with mosquitos, call the St. Louis County Vector Control Program at (314) 615-0680.  The County would also appreciate help from residents in finding breeding sites where high volumes of mosquitos are produced.


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