Eligible Hazelwood Residents Should Contact County’s Home Improvement Program

St. Louis County’s Home Improvement Program is offering up to $5,000 in forgivable home repair loans for eligible homeowners in the City of Hazelwood at NO COST.  The types of repairs that can be done with this money include roofing, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, hot water heater, tuck-pointing, hand railing installations, concrete, asphalt, masonry, tree trimming or removal, and foundation work.

To be eligible, residents must own and live in their home, their property taxes must be current, and they haven’t been past participants.  Also, their total household’s taxable income must be within the Adjusted Gross Income Limits of 2018:

 Family of 1 – Less than $41,750  Family of 5 – Less than $64,400
 Family of 2 – Less than $47,700  Family of 6 – Less than $69,150
 Family of 3 – Less than $53,650  Family of 7 – Less than $73,950
 Family of 4 – Less than $59,000  Family of 8 – Less than $78,700

The Home Improvement Program is federally funded and operates through St. Louis County’s Department of Planning in conjunction with county municipal representatives.  Funding availability is limited so please act fast!

To apply for this program, call the automated phone at (314) 615-8232.  Press “1” to hear the areas for which the program is currently accepting applications.  Be sure to respond when Hazelwood is mentioned.  Residents should then leave their name, property address and phone number on the recording.  County officials will respond to all phone calls and complete the application form over the phone.

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