Hazelwood City Council Discusses Robertson’s Proposal to De-Annex at Next Meeting

The Hazelwood City Council will be discussing a proposal by the Robertson Fire Protection District (RFPD) to de-annex the area that was annexed by the City in 1991, commonly known as the Northwest Territory, at its next meeting on Wed., July 18, at Hazelwood’s City Hall, 415 Elm Grove Lane.  Starting time is 7:30 p.m.  This will have a severe impact on residents’ pocketbooks since de-annexing would mean that they would be picking up the tab to pay for their own fire protection and EMS/Ambulance services instead of the City of Hazelwood.

All the additional tax increases that went to RFPD over the past 23 years, which ballooned the City of Hazelwood’s annual payments to Robertson from $1,160,946 in 1995 to $3,570,062 in 2017 – an increase of 206%, will be paid by local property owners if this de-annex proposal is approved.  Hazelwood’s inflated payments to Robertson occurred because the District increased its property tax from $.91 in 1995 to $2.54 in 2014.  De-annexation would add another yearly tax bill, worth hundreds of dollars, to each resident and business property owner for their fire protection.

The de-annexation area would include all of the Villa Maria subdivision, Brown Campus and Hazelwood Logistics Center industrial parks, the St. Louis Outlet Mall, and several residential neighborhoods west of Howdershell Road.

In addition to paying higher taxes, residents and business owners in the de-annexation area would receive fewer services.  Existing City programs would have to be reduced or eliminated due to the loss of revenue.  New economic growth and increased jobs would be in jeopardy due to the City not being able to provide economic development programs.

Residents and business owners are encouraged to attend the City Council meeting on July 18 to express their opinions on Robertson’s proposal to de-annex.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Story – Dispute between City of Hazelwood & Robertson Fire Protection District

SKILLED HAZELWOOD FIREFIGHTERS USE HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT FOR EMERGENCIES — At a recent Safety Day for residents, Hazelwood Firefighter/Paramedics demonstrated how they can cut and peel away parts of a vehicle in order to remove an injured crash victim. The purpose of Safety Day was to showcase the department’s readiness to respond to emergencies with its state-of-the-art fire trucks and equipment, as well as highly-skilled, certified workforce.

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