Hazelwood City Council Takes First Big Step Towards Pushing POWERplex Project Forward

At last night’s meeting, Council members unanimously approved a resolution of final terms and settlement agreements in the public/private partnership effort to redevelop STL Outlet Mall into a massive youth sports complex called POWERplex. Council members voted to approve the public support terms as well as settlement on the refinancing plan for the $36.9 million of Transportation Development District tax debt, clearing the way for Big Sports Properties, LLC, (BSP) to move forward with their redevelopment plans.

The 160+-acre blighted mall is currently 91% vacant with six boarded up out lot properties.  This entire facility will be redeveloped and revitalized into one of the largest amateur sports tourism campuses in America.  BSP says the City’s overwhelming support of the project, shown last night with the Council’s vote, helps clear away the barriers that have blocked the completion of this proposed youth sports tourism destination.  “The City of Hazelwood has been a remarkable partner in this project and they clearly see what all our partners and sponsors see; a campus that can be transformed into something amazing for our entire region,” said Dan Buck, BSP’s CEO and managing partner of the project.

“This is a game-changer for our entire region and a great example of how public and private partners can work together to create something incredible.  This will be a one-of-a-kind major youth sports complex that draws thousands of families that have active children participating in youth sports travelling leagues who not only experience all that Hazelwood has to offer, but also get to see many of St. Louis’ popular landmarks and attractions,” said Hazelwood City Manager Matthew Zimmerman.

The POWERplex will host more than 180 major sports tournaments, camps and events in a wide range of sports, including baseball, softball, lacrosse, 7 on 7 football, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball.  The public-private partnership will convert the 1.5 million square foot mall into six major sports venues.

Additional partners will reopen the 18-screen theater cineplex, 13 restaurants, several entertainment and recreational venues including 3 go-kart tracks, putt-putt and ropes courses.  POWERplex will also feature more than a dozen sports and family-focused retail stores.  At maturity, the campus will support 6 new hotels and at least one new convenient store to serve the estimated 2.9 million sports visitors annually.  Plans call for many of the new sports venues to open early in 2020, with substantial completion of all the major sports venues by next fall.

Click to view copy of Resolution and Term Sheet Approved by City Council



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