Hazelwood Joins Over 40 Municipal Courts in STL Metropolitan Area Amnesty Project


The City of Hazelwood’s Municipal Court is participating in the 2014 St. Louis Metropolitan Area Amnesty Project, sponsored by Better Life, Inc., in conjunction with St. Louis Community College.  This program gives local citizens with misdemeanor warrants an opportunity to move past these issues by having them expunged.

The Amnesty Project was established in 2002 as a one-day event to help citizens clear their records of outstanding traffic-related warrants.  Since then, the program has expanded to include all misdemeanor warrants as well as outstanding child support cases.

For the fourth consecutive year, St. Louis Community College will be conducting this program on three (3) days, allowing individuals to resolve outstanding warrants with more than 40 city and county municipal courts — including the City of Hazelwood — at the following three campuses from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.:

  • Sat., Aug. 2 — in the Student Center at Meramec campus, 11333 Big Bend Blvd.
  • Wed., Aug. 6 — in the gymnasium at Florissant Valley campus, 3400 Pershall Rd.
  • Sat., Aug. 9 — in the Mildred E. Bastian Center for the Performing Arts at the Forest Park campus, 5600 Oakland Ave

“The City of Hazelwood has been a strong supporter of this program for many years.  It gives an individual charged with a misdemeanor and/or traffic warrant an opportunity to correct a mistake or bad decision they made in their life,” said Hazelwood Police Chief Gregg Hall.  “An arrest caused by an issued warrant can be embarrassing and often creates hardships for the person involved and the person’s family.  This program will encourage many people to do the right thing by resolving these problems before they have a negative effect on themselves and their loved ones.”

The Amnesty Project provides participants with a chance to resolve issues that may be preventing them from getting or keeping a job or moving ahead in their lives so they can build more productive futures for themselves and their families.  Participants will be assessed a $10 processing fee to cover all warrant vouchers.

Additionally, representatives from St. Louis Community College will be on hand to discuss educational opportunities available to the program participants.

The voucher redemption period for the City of Hazelwood is between August 11th and September 15th.  Hours of redemption are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Those who obtain a voucher at one of the three (3) Amnesty Project events must bring it with them, along with $100, which will be used as a cash bond to lift the warrant.  They will be required to return for another court date when the Judge will dispose of the matter.  Only the defendant named on the voucher from “Better Family Life” and on the misdemeanor or traffic citation can participate in this program.

Last year, more than 5,000 citizens participated in the event at the St. Louis Community College (STLCC) campuses, and more than 2,500 individuals completed prospective STCC student cards.

For more information about the St. Louis Metropolitan Area Amnesty Project, call Better Family Life at (314) 381-8200 or visit http://www.betterfamilylife.org.

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