Hazelwood Police Explorers Bring Home First-Place Trophy from Nationals

Ten members of the Hazelwood Police Explorers Post 9217 travelled with three police officer advisers to West Lafayette, Ind., for the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference (NLEEC) at Purdue University, July 15-21.  They brought home with them the first-place trophy for the Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations team competition, beating out 500 other explorer posts from across the country and Puerto Rico, and 1,500 other explorers.

The Conference is hosted bi-annually on even numbered years.  A week-long of law enforcement activities are planned for all the participants.  The explorers compete in team events, as well as individual competitions.  Hazelwood’s ten explorers were divided into three teams.  Each of them were given credit for two team events in addition to their individual competitions.

The team events consisted of the following 12 categories:  Arrest & Search; Bomb Threat response; Burgulary in Progress; Crime Scene Search; Crime Prevention; Crisis Negotiation; Domestic Crisis Intervention; Officer Down Emergency First-Aid; Shoot/Don’t Shoot; Traffic Accident Investigations; Traffic Stops; and White Collar Crime.  Individual competitions consisted of Written Exam, Bike Policing; Physical Agility and Firearms.  In between the competitions, they were given the opportunity to attend seminars and classroom presentations instructed by federal, national and local law enforcement professionals.

This year, the Conference made Non-Emergency Vehicle Operations a team competition.  The explorers were scored on a scale of 0 to 100 per driver, and the top four drivers from each post had their scores and times combined and ranked.  The City of Hazelwood’s team of explorers received a perfect score of 400 points, 100 points per driver.  The team members consisted of Aidan Gansner, Destin Morrow, Deandre Scott and Samantha Tiemann.

“This is a huge accomplishment not only for the explorers themselves, but also for the Hazelwood Police Department since they were sent as representatives of our department.  It’s also a reflection of the hard-work our advisors and other agency police officers have put into training them,” Hazelwood P.O. Will Russ, D.S.N., 422, said.  “These young people put a lot of time and effort into training for the Conference competitions and learning about our law enforcement profession.  They are extraordinary individuals who dedicated a lot of time to this City and our police department.”

P.O. Will Russ, along with P.O. Makil Walker and P.O. Alex Jenkins, were the advisors who escorted Hazelwood’s explorers to the NLEEC.  Russ credits Walker and Jenkins for their hard work with training the explorers and preparing them for such an event.

HAZELWOOD EXPLORERS ACHIEVE PERFECT SCORE TO WIN FIRST-PLACE TROPHY — Ten members of the Hazelwood Police Explorers Post 9217, along with their advisors, travelled to West Lafayette, Ind., for the National Law Enforcement Explorer Conference at Purdue University, July 15-21.  The top four drivers of the Hazelwood team scored a perfect 100 points each for a total of 400, earning them the first-place title and trophy.  Members from left to right: (front row) Andrew Walters, Kellie Maddox, Aidan Gansner, Deandre Scott, Destin Morrow and Thomas Grelle.  (back row) Michael Schallert, Joseph Hellwig, Chase Branch and Samantha Tiemann.


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