HPD K-9 Team Helps Recover Stash of High-Grade Marijuana

The St. Louis Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) group recently conducted a narcotics investigation at a transportation facility in downtown St. Louis.  During their watch, they observed two suspicious individuals travelling from the west coast to the east coast.  Believing they were trafficking illegal narcotics, the DEA agents contacted HPD’s K-9 Officer Brian Hale and requested his assistance.  Office Hale arrived on the scene with his canine partner, Chavier.

Officer Hale and Chavier made several passes around the suspected traffickers’ luggage.  Chavier gave a positive signal indicating the presence of a controlled substance.  The DEA agents approached the two suspects and made them aware of the investigation.  Both subjects agreed to a consensual search of their luggage bags, which resulted in the recovery of more than 50 lbs. of high-grade marijuana.  The suspected trafficker admitted purchasing the marijuana for over $100,000 with the intentions of selling it on the east coast for three times the amount.

The marijuana and over $100,000 were seized in the investigation.  With the collaboration between Officer Hale, K-9 partner Chavier and the St. Louis DEA agents, a multi-million dollar drug trafficking organization, spanning coast-to-coast, was disrupted.



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