Severe Weather Preparedness Week, March 3-9

Have you put together a preparedness plan for yourself and your loved ones?  The first step is very simple.  Go to the City of Hazelwood’s website here at, and scroll down on the home page until you come to the SwiftReach banner.

Click on the banner and a new screen pops up that guides you through the process of providing your personal contact information and deciding how you want your emergency messages delivered. (You have a choice between e-mail, text/SMS, fax, pager, Facebook, Twitter, RSS and CAP.  Plus, you can opt-in or opt-out of other notification features.

It has been nearly six years since Hazelwood was hit by an F-1 tornado on April 10, 2013.  Luckily, no one was hurt or killed by this severe storm.  But thousands of dollars worth of damage was done to local homes, businesses and properties.  The City

quickly stepped in to do residential safety checks, provide security to keep out looters and dishonest contractors, as well as clean up the storm debris.

At the time, Hazelwood did have a city-wide emergency notification system.  But it wasn’t as good as the SwiftReach program we have now.  Hundreds of residents have already signed up for this new city-wide emergency notification system and you can too!

With SwiftReach, Hazelwood can send out emergency messages faster in a wider coverage area than ever before.  Not only is the City capable of alerting residents about severe weather (i.e. tornados, floods and snow/ice storms), electrical outages and earthquakes instantly, but it can keep citizens informed of road closures, evacuations, Amber Alerts and active shooter situations as well.

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to getting information you need to protect yourself and your family from severe storms.  Sign up now for SwiftReach and make the smart move to be prepared for any emergency!


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