St. Louis Regional Traffic Safety Council Presents Awards to Hazelwood Police Officers

The St. Louis Regional Traffic Safety Council recently held its annual awards luncheon and honored two City of Hazelwood police officers for their countless hours of dedication keeping local roadways safe and educating students about the usefulness of math skills as well as the importance of using seat belts.  P.O. Scott Schnurbusch received the 2017 Education Officer of the Year award and P.O. Mike Monticelli was presented with the 2017 Traffic Safety Officer of the Year award.

On Dec. 7, 2011, Officer Schnurbusch was assigned to the Hazelwood Police Department’s Traffic Management Team.  Since then, he has worked numerous hours in non-traffic enforcement activities, such as community meetings, civil disturbance responses, various teaching and training assignments, office tasks, court appearances, court bailiff duties, investigations and special details.

Officer Schnurbusch has a desire to improve relations between students and police, and strong aspirations to instruct and teach others.  In 2014, he contacted the heads of the Math and Science Departments at Hazelwood West High School.  He proposed the idea of showing students and educators how science and math can be used in crash investigations.  During his presentations, students learn math formulas which are used in crash reconstructions.  He gives sample problems which allow them to determine the speed, velocity, acceleration/deceleration, rates, and kinetic energy.  These classroom visits also give Officer Schurbusch the opportunity to drive home the message of using seat belts and not texting while they’re driving.

Another high school project Officer Schnurbusch is working on involves schools administrators, the National Honors Society and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).  The program is called “Street Smart.”  It is presented by local Paramedics and gives students a graphic lesson in the trauma caused by vehicle crashes, as well as practical exercises which demonstrate the dangers of impaired/distracted driving and promotes the importance of using seat belts.

For Officer Schnurbusch’s commitment to traffic safety, and efforts to keep our most vulnerable drivers safe through engagement and teaching, he was chosen as the 2017 Education Officer of the Year winner.

Officer Monticelli was assigned to the Hazelwood Police Department’s Traffic Management Team on Aug. 5, 2005.  In addition to having a reputation of being dependable, self-motivated and trustworthy, he has made a major contribution to keeping local roadways safe.  His general, daily efforts and activities have contributed to the enhancement of traffic and pedestrian safety throughout the city.

In addition, Officer Monticelli’s responsibilities involve other duties such as fatal crash reconstructions, leaving the scene accident follow-ups, and public relations efforts.  Another important task his fulfills is being the lead Advisor with Hazelwood Police Department’s Explorer Post 9217.  He is a mentor to the young men and women in the Post, and he coordinates annual Traffic Stop training for all Explorers in the St. Louis area.

Officer Monticelli is a model employee who wears many hats.  He is successful in all of his endeavors, managing his time well and handling his assignments professionally and with enthusiasm.  It is for these reasons and other exemplary characteristics, he was chosen for the 2017 Traffic Safety Office of the Year award.


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