Status on Round 3 of Fall Leaf Collection

For the past couple of weeks, our progress with Round 3 has been hampered by periods of freezing rain/ice, snow and rain.  For instance, today the leaves were frozen and caked together, making it difficult to vacuum up.  Our City crews have finished collecting leaves on all the streets up to the second week on the schedule.  If you need to see the schedule, click here.

As we mentioned before, we can’t give specific dates when certain parts of the schedule will be finished because of potential delays due to the winter weather.  All we ask is that you go ahead and rake all your leaves to the edge of the street curb and our crews will eventually come by and collect them.

Another reason why we couldn’t work on leaves today is the need to remove leaf collection equipment off our City vehicles and replace it with snow plow and salt dispenser equipment for the wintery mix coming our way this weekend.  According to the National Weather Service, we’re supposed to get freezing rain about 5 am Sunday which will turn to snow and the same bad weather predicted for Monday.  So our City’s vehicles need to be ready to deal with this bad weather in order to keep our streets cleared and salt put down to remove the ice.  Once the winter weather leaves our area, we’ll go back and resume collecting the leaves until Round 3 is finished.

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