Coyote Incident Prompts Response By Police

The HPD will be distributing educational literature about coyotes to residents in the area where the incident occurred.  These brochures contain helpful tips like reminding people not to leave their dogs or other pets outside at night unattended.  The Missouri Department of Conservation reports that coyote sightings at this time of year are common, but attacks on domestic animals are rare.  Also, Conservation experts confirm that attacks on children or adults are almost nonexistent.  This incident is currently being investigated by the Missouri Department of Conservation, which has sole jurisdiction over wild animal relocation. 

In addition, copies of the educational literature about coyotes will soon be made available for residents to pick-up at Hazelwood City Hall, 415 Elm Grove Lane.  Any residents who see coyotes roaming around their property or neighborhood should contact MO Conservation agent Tom Miester at (314) 223-9838.

 Controlling Conflicts with Urban Coyotes in Missouri
Missouri Department of Conservation Brochure


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