Hazelwood Honors Paramedics with Life Saving Award

Pvt. Gerard Hegedom, Pvt. Zach Krato, Pvt. Frank Franer and Pvt. John Drouant were recognized for their exemplary act in preserving the life of a human being.

On March 14, Hazelwood fire engine 4125 and the ambulance from Fire Station #2 responded to an Emergency 911 call involving an unconscious person.  Upon arrival, the paramedics hooked up an electrocardiograph and discovered a serious heart blockage problem. They immediately began taking corrective measures by administering medications and requesting assistance from two other paramedics on the fire truck.  The patient was quickly stabilized and transported to SSM DePaul Health Center.

While in route to the hospital, the patient went into cardiac arrest.  The paramedics swiftly set up the automated external defibrillator (AED) machine, which applied an electronic shock to the chest area causing the heart to start beating again. The individual was then sedated for comfort reasons. At the hospital, the patient was awake and expressed gratitude to the Hazelwood Fire Department for its rapid response time.

The patient is alive and getting better thanks to the quick, competent care administered by these four Hazelwood firefighter/paramedics.


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