Allied Waste Delivering New Trash Containers

The automated collection process uses trucks with mechanical arms that lift the containers and deposit the contents (trash or recycling material) into a compacting truck. It’s important to place both of your carts, trash and recycling, at curb side before 6 a.m. on pick-up day.  Please place the containers at least 1 foot from the curb or edge of street, and make sure all containers are at least 3 feet from all other objects.

In addition, be careful not to overload your container.  The lid needs to be fully closed.  Your new 95-gallon trash container is constructed from durable plastic with wheels, an attached lid and a sturdy bottom.

Because Allied Waste is providing new trash containers, you will no longer need to provide your own. If you’re currently renting a cart from Allied for trash, you will no longer receive a bill for it.  

Continue to use your current recycling cart for recyclable materials. If you find that your existing recycling container isn’t meeting your needs, you can request a larger size automated recycling container for FREE by contacting Allied’s Customer Service at (636) 947-5959.

Yard Waste service is provided as an optional service for Hazelwood residents. Under the contract, rental fees will still apply for Yard Waste carts. As with trash and recycling, please make sure your yard waste is placed at curb side by 6 a.m. on pick-up day.

Click the link below for more information on pricing and services offered by Allied Waste under the new contract approved by the Hazelwood City Council.




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