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warningsirenNew System currently being tested

As you my know, both the new and old siren systems are operational. However, St. Louis County will only be activating the new siren system for tests and/or actual events. This means there will likely be a change in the pattern of coverage, and the siren tone you hear will be louder or quieter than it was previously, depending on your relative distance to previous sirens. For most residents, there will be an increase in coverage.

New Siren Information

As you may have seen in local media, St. Louis County is installing its new outdoor warning system. It has been operational since the fall of 2011, but is still undergoing testing. The new system will have 185 sirens, most located at new sites to more efficiently cover the entire County population. The $7.5 million dollar system is part of Proposition E-911, which was passed in November 2009.  The $100 million dollar bond issue will replace individual police, fire and EMS communications systems, uniting them under one system.

If you have any questions about the new system, contact the Director of the Emergency Communications Network, David Barney, at (314) 615-2562.

The sirens that are being installed will have an even greater area of coverage, with omni-directional dispersion. These sirens will also give instantaneous feedback on their functional status. This feature will reduce the amount of “down time” and provide for quicker repairs. Even when the new outdoor warning system does go into operation, remember that the outdoor warning sirens are designed to be heard outside. The Office of Emergency Management still recommends that weather alert radios be used inside homes and businesses.

For more information, click the link below for the St. Louis County website:

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