Michigan Boy Brings His Flat Stanley to Meet Hazelwood Mayor

DannyTorreblancaMayorRobinson-SMDanny brought his little friend, Flat Stanley, with him and took this laminated figure to see some of Hazelwood’s landmarks, including City Hall where they got to meet Mayor Matthew Robinson.

Danny attends 2nd grade at Myer Elementary School in Grand Blanc. A few weeks ago, his teacher, Mrs. Roman, read a book to the class titled, Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown. The main characters of this story are Stanley Lampchop and his younger brother Arthur. Their father hangs a big bulletin board over Stanley’s bed. While at night, the board falls off the wall, flattening Stanley in his sleep. He survives and makes the best of his altered state.

Flat Stanley discovers he can enter locked rooms by sliding himself under the door, and play with his brother by flying as a kite in the wind. He also learns he can visit friends by being mailed inside an envelop.

Danny says his Flat Stanley has already accumulated a lot of frequent flyer miles by traveling to see his relatives across the country and in Mexico. “I’ve mailed my Flat Stanley to Uncle Ted in San Diego, and to my other grandparents in Los Angeles.  I also sent him to my Aunt Daisy in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico,” Danny said.

Dale Hubert, a 3rd grade school teacher in London, Ontario, Canada, started the Flat Stanley Project in 1995. It is meant to encourage school children to write letters back and forth to each other, documenting where Flat Stanley has gone with them. Students make paper “Flat Stanleys” and keep a journal for a few days, describing where and what they’ve done with their new friend. The Flat Stanley and journal are then mailed to other people who are asked to treat the figure as a visiting guest and add entries in the journal before sending it back.

The Flat Stanley created by Danny is one that looks like himself. He enlarged one of his photos and cut it out with scissors. Then he laminated it to make it strong enough to be sent in the mail without being torn.

According to his grandmother, they’ve taken Flat Stanley to a lot of interesting places in Hazelwood. “We’ve taken him to see BIGFOOT, the Little Red Schoolhouse, The Knobbe House, and to SVS Vision Center where their grandpa picked up a new pair of glasses,” said Jenny Torreblanca. “They also visited St. Louis Mills where they got to watch some Louisiana turtles, climb around on the playground equipment, and ride the train around the IMG_0010-SMmall.”

But the most exciting thing they did was to meet Mayor Robinson on the night of a City Council meeting. “It was so cool to meet the Mayor and to get my picture taken with him and Flat Stanley in front of City Hall,” said Danny. “The Mayor even gave me a key to the city and introduced me, my brother and grandma during the Council meeting.”

Before Danny and his brother go back home, their grandmother plans to take a picture of them with Flat Stanley in front of McNair Elementary School in Hazelwood. “This is where their dad and Uncle Ted attended elementary school at the same age,” Jenny added.



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