Credit Cards Now Accepted

Three machines have been set up at Hazelwood City Hall in Public Works, Municipal Courts and Finance to accept payments using one of these credit/debit cards: Visa; MasterCard; and Discover. The Hazelwood Community Center and Civic Center East will be able to do credit/debit transactions soon.

“Our intent by launching this new program is to improve the quality of customer service we give to our citizens and visiting guests. We want to create a more hassle-free atmosphere for them by giving them the flexibility, convenience and speed of using their credit/debit cards,” said Lori Helle, City of Hazelwood Director of Finance.

Recent studies show that credit cards will overtake cash and checks as the #1 form of bill payments within the next few years. Most people like using credit/debit cards because they are easy to use and often provide cardholders with benefits such as frequent flier miles. Plus, they don’t have to carry around a lot of cash or a checkbook when using credit/debit cards. In this day and age, consumers expect merchants to accept major credit cards.

The City of Hazelwood will be paying the fees associated with accepting credit/debit cards, which runs approximately two percent per transaction. So on a $25 transaction, the fee would be about $.50 depending on the method of payment. However, Hazelwood’s Municipal Court will be charging $4 per payment made with a credit/debit card.

City officials expect this to be a win-win situation for all parties involved. Not only does it provide residents with the convenience and flexibility of using credit/debit cards to make payments on fines or fees, but also it decreases the number of bounced checks and bank penalty fees the City has to deal with on a regular basis. They also anticipate the revenue paid with a credit/debit card to be around $2 million a year with projected fees for these transactions to total approximately $40,000.


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