Since 1986, Hazelwood has ranked in the top ten for St. Louis Metropolitan cities for assessed valuation. Residents and businesses pay one of the lowest property tax rates in St. Louis County. The current tax rates are: Residential: 0.841; Agricultural: 0.990; Commercial: 0.913; and Personal Property: 0.987.

The city is proud of its low tax rate, particularly in comparison to the level of services it provides it residents and businesses.

We have a full-time Economic Developer in the City Manager’s office to assist existing and new businesses. Also in the City Manager’s office is the Human Resources Assistant and Communications Coordinator. The Human Resources Assistant coordinates the city’s employment opportunities and employee benefits. The Communications Coordinator is in charge of the website, city newsletter and communications to residents and the media.

The Public Work’s Department coordinates all building, sign, occupancy and special land use permits. They are also available to answer zoning questions.

The Public Works Maintenance Division is responsible for public property and City facilities, including construction and maintenance of city roadways, care and repair of sidewalks, snow and ice removal, tree trimming, pot hole patching along with park maintenance.

Businesses and residents can take advantage of numerous recreation activities through the city’s Parks and Recreation programs. Facilities include 16 parks, two recreation centers, a new state-of-the-art aquatic center named White Birch Bay and disc golf course, as well as numerous programs each month.

The Finance Department handles all business licenses. New businesses are categorized as a manufacturer, merchant or miscellaneous service occupation. Licensing fees are based accordingly. The Finance Department also handles pet licenses.

The Hazelwood Police Department is 70 officers and staff strong. The department assists businesses with security surveys, alarm system instructions, periodic security checks and safety seminars.

The Fire Department within Hazelwood perform fire and safety inspections of all businesses and provide ambulance service and fire protection code assistance. The Fire Department recently received a Class Three insurance rating, one of only a few that recieved this honor in the nation.

The City Clerk’s office maintains the proceedings of the City Council, including the keeping of minutes; receiving and distributing communications directed to the Council; attesting to, indexing and filing ordinances, proclamations and resolutions; giving oaths of office; maintaining the Municipal Code Book and other internal manuals as well as keeping the records of the City’s Boards and Commissions. Additionally, the City Clerk serves as the election officer and liquor license officer for the City.

Storm Declaration Policy

Whenever a storm rolls through Hazelwood, the severity and size of the affected area has everything to do with when and if the City will handle the clean up. Since we’re going through a down economy, this can be a difficult decision.

In the past, City crews have gone back into the same neighborhoods two, three and four times because many residents didn’t know when the clean up would start and ended up getting debris to the curb too late. Streamlining this process will save our crews time and the City valuable resources.

To help alleviate this confusion, the City established a storm declaration policy.  After a storm goes through, reports are collected about downed trees and yard debris that may be causing an inconvenience for local residents. A final report is submitted to the City Manager, or his designee, along with a recommendation of where to begin clean up efforts.

The City Manager will make the decision whether or not the situation warrants a storm declaration to be made. A storm declaration is usually issued if the storm damage is extensive throughout the whole city, which may be beyond what residents can handle by themselves and would justify the expenditure of City funds.

In the event a storm declaration is issued, you will be notified in the following ways: an article posted on the City’s website; a message broadcast on Hazelwood’s TV 993 channel; and lighted signs positioned at the Fire Stations on Lindbergh Boulevard and Howdershell Road.  In addition, an automatic phone notification system will be used to alert all of you on what to do with your storm debris and how to get help following the emergency.

In all cases, pick-up will begin on the Monday after the first full weekend following the storm. Depending on which day it occurred, this allows 2 to 9 days for you to get debris to the curb where it can be picked up.

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