Republic Trash/Recycling Services

2019 Holiday Pick-Up Schedule 

Introduction of ‘My Resource’

Republic Waste Services is excited to announce the launching of “My Resource.”  This new technology will change the solid waste industry.  This is a new portal that will allow Republic customers to “self-serve” almost anything on their account at the click of a computer mouse.

Residents that are currently individually billed will be receiving in the mail information about this NEW and EXCITING program, MY RESOURCES.

With this technology, Hazelwood residents who receive Republic’s trash/recycling services will be able to:

  • Pay their bill
  • Schedule a pick-up
  • Report a missed pick-up
  • Request a container repair
  • Discover new products and services
  • Manage their account
  • Plus, much much more!

All of this will be at the touch of a button from their computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  It’s free, easy to use, and most importantly it empowers our customer.

Sign up is easy!  They can go to and go to My Resource.  From there, customers will set up a User ID and Password and that’s it!  They will need their email address and a current invoice number from their latest bill to set up their account.

Republic’s customer service department is always available to assist with questions and helping with the registration process if needed at (636) 947-5959 or through the “Contact Us” option on its website,

Hazelwood’s Trash Hauling Service Ordinance

“As a resident of the City of Hazelwood, all one- and two-family residences are required to use Allied Services, LLC, as the trash hauling service.  Please call (636) 947-5959 to obtain this service.” (Ord. 3973-08) 

This is a mandated requirement in acquiring a Residential Occupancy Permit in the City of Hazelwood.

Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste Services) has been awarded a new 5-year contract with the City of Hazelwood.   The company looks forward to being a partner with the City of Hazelwood for the next five years.

Hazelwood’s Trash & Recycling Collection Days

Senior Citizen/Disabled Resident Discount Qualifications:

Who Qualifies for the Senior Discount?

  • You must be 62 years old, or disabled to qualify
  • Must be Head of Household
  • You must present verification of Residency, Driver’s License, or ID Card
  • Residents that are 100% disabled (as determined by the Office of Social Security)

Senior Discount Requalification for the City of Hazelwood

If you currently receive the discount, you must re-apply and submit the necessary information in order to continue receiving the discount.  The discount will not continue automatically.  Republic Services is in the process of sending out a flyer to all Hazelwood residents which explains the re-apply process.  Click here to view and print the flyer.

To qualify, you must tear off the BUSINESS REPLY MAIL portion of the flyer.  Be sure to fill out your name, address and phone number and then include a copy of either your Driver’s License or ID Card.  Mail this information to:

Republic Services
12976 St. Charles Rock Road
Bridgeton, MO 63044

If you have any questions, please contact Republic Services’ Customer Service Hotline at (636) 947-5959. 

Applications needed to fill out for the 50% senior/disabled resident discount can be obtained at the Public Works Office in Hazelwood’s City Hall as well.  The address is 415 Elm Grove Lane, Hazelwood, MO 63042.  Be sure to bring the following documentation with you and our staff will be able to assist you in getting this information to Republic Services:

  1. A copy of your Driver’s License that confirms birth date, name and address;
  2. 100% disabled Head of Households must provide Social Security Administration documentation.

Standard Rates for Republic Trash/Recycling Services:

Trash Service is $49.80 per quarter
Senior Rate is $24.90 per quarter
Yard Waste is $26.94 per quarter
Additional cart lease is $15 per quarter
Yard waste cart lease is $10.50 per quarter

Optional Services Available Free of Charge

    • Bulk Collection – Bulky items are defined as household materials that are too large to fit in with your regular waste collection container, (ie. furniture, old bicycles, mattresses, etc.) But they do not include E-waste such as TVs/Computers/Monitors/DVD players, etc.  There is an additional recycle charge for these items.  For instance, it will cost $25 to have one TV and another item such as a computer/monitor/keyboard or DVD player picked up.  An additional $15 fee is charged for picking up any older TVs with tubes in them.
    • Any time throughout the year you can arrange for a bulk waste pick-up by contacting Republic Services’ Customer Service at (636) 947-5959 for an appointment.

 Optional Services Available for an Additional Charge

  • Weekly Yard Waste — Yard waste is provided as an optional service, and is available in 3-month periods for $8.98 per month.  Residents may choose to start their 3-month service at any time. However, they will need to call Allied’s Customer Service to call and cancel their yard waste service after the 3 months or they will continue to be billed for the next 3-month period.
    1. Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs and branches, household or yard plants, and Christmas trees.
    2. Curbside collection of yard waste can be done under the following methods:
      • Yard waste may be placed in compost bags designed for yard waste collection or it may be placed loosely in 32 gallon trash cans or carts clearly labeled as yard waste, NOT to exceed 60 pounds.
      • There is an 8-bag limit per yard waste pick-up.
      • Trimmings not placed in a container must be no longer than 4 ft. and must be tied with rope or twine into bundles.
      • Yard Waste in plastic bags will not be collected.
      • No can or bag may weigh more than 60 pounds.
    3. Yard waste containers are also available for rent from Allied Waste.
    4. Please contact Republic’s Customer Service at (636) 947-5959 to schedule your initial 3-month yard waste service or request more information.
    5. REMINDER: Missouri Senate Bill 530 prohibits the disposal of yard waste in landfills. Please, do not place yard waste in with your solid waste or recycling.
  • White Goods/Appliances Collection — Appliances are picked up separate from bulky items. Examples: washers; dryers; refrigerators, etc.  There is a charge of $27.85 per item.  Please contact Republic’s Customer Service to set up an appliance pick-up at (636) 947-5959.
  • Construction Material Collection — Construction material or the materials that result from home remodeling projects will not be picked up as part of normal trash or as bulk trash. Examples: carpeting; flooring materials; cabinets; drywall/sheetrock; wood (2x4s, plywood, paneling, peg board); bathroom fixtures; kitchen fixtures; plumbing (pipes, sinks); large light fixtures; roofing material (gutters, shingles, ceramic roof tiles, tar paper), and siding.  Please contact Republic’s Customer Service to set up a Construction Material pick-up for an additional charge at (636) 947-5959.

Mattress Disposal Information

Landlord Responsibilities

With the new contract with Republic Services, property owners who have one or two family dwellings as rental properties will be responsible for payment of solid waste and recycling services for each residence.  You can expect to receive an invoice from Republic Services for your rental properties as a result of this change.

The City of Hazelwood is implementing this change with the new contract to ensure that proper solid waste and recycling services are maintained at all residences as required by City Ordinance.

If you have questions, contact the City of Hazelwood at (314) 513-5032 or (314) 513-5033, or call Republic Services’ Customer Service Hotline at (636) 947-5959.

Hazelwood’s Recycling Update

Click here to view “All-in-One” Recycling Chart showing which items are acceptable for recycling

Today, in the current recycling market the recycling industry as a whole is faced with challenges never seen before.  With China banning or severely regulating all recycling imports from around the world and domestic processing mills becoming over crowded with material, the economic value of recycling has never been lower.  To combat those challenges and to keep recycling viable we need to focus on greatly reducing contamination.

Often times we recycle items we believe “should” be recycled rather than what actually can be recycled, we call that “Wish-cycling.”  When you put items such as garden hoses, k-cups, holiday lights, paper plates, coffee cups, plastic bags, stretch wrap, and Styrofoam into your recycling cart you are either doing one of these things:

  1. Damaging the equipment at the sorting facility
  2. Contaminating bales of finished product
  3. Sending that material on a long, expensive trip to the landfill.

Some tips to reduce contamination in your home recycling:

  1. Make sure items are Empty, Clean and Dry before recycling
  2. Put items loose in your cart (no bags)
  3. Make a circle with your middle finger touching your thumb; if the item you want to recycle fits through that it will end up at the landfill
  4. Attach lids to bottles before recycling
  5. No paper cups, bowls or coffee cups (they have special coatings to protect you that make them unrecoverable)
  6. If it’s not on the list of acceptable recycling, throw it away

Republic Services provides all residents with a list of what can be recycled.  If you would like an updated list please contact Republic Services’ Customer Service Hotline at (636) 947-5959.

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