Snow Removal


Due to the passage on Prop P on April 7, 2015, the City of Hazelwood has restored its traditional policies regarding snow removal.  This is a reminder that all vehicles need to be removed off the streets, particularly on designated Emergency Snow Routes and on cul-de-sacs, when snow, sleet and ice hit our area.  The City of Hazelwood has a snow removal operation that goes into effect when the roads get slippery and snow-covered.  The City’s maintenance department has snow plow crews that work around the clock when needed to clear all the Emergency Snow Routes first, and then all the connected side streets and intersections.

It makes the snow plow drivers’ job a lot easier when people do not park their cars along the side of road when we have a significant amount of snowfall. The plow trucks cannot plow down some of the streets when cars are parked in the street. It is much easier to park your vehicles in the driveways when possible so that the plows can get through the streets and not do any accidental damage to vehicles. If you need further information regarding snow removal call 731-8701 we will be glad to help you.

During our snow plowing season we would like to offer the following information to the residents of Hazelwood.Graderplowing-sm

Our snow plow trucks are large in size therefore we recommend that you please park your vehicles in driveways as much as possible, this provides a less chance of injury to our dirver’s and damage to your vehicle and our vehicle. The City would also like the residents of Hazelwood to keep in mind that when a snow plow truck comes down the street it will leave a ridge of snow usually around your curb areas and driveway areas; City personnel are not responsible for shoveling your driveway clear, this is the homeowners responsibility. We would also like to ask your complete cooperation during plowing season it tends to be somewhat hectic for all of us.

Click here for Winter Driving Tips provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation

Snow Emergency Alert

SnowRouteSign-smWhenever four inches or more of snow are predicted by the National Weather Service and local TV meteorologists, the City of Hazelwood declares a Snow Emergency Alert and the snow route procedure will be enforced when the snow begins to fallThis information will be posted on the City’s website and on TV 993, which is Hazelwood’s government cable access channel on the Charter system.

Hazelwood police officers also patrol their sectors and try to contact residents, when possible, who have their cars parked on snow routes.  The residents are asked to move their vehicles off the street.  Citations are written if the vehicles are not removed.  If, after prior warnings, vehicles remain on the designated snow routes and obstruct the path of snow plows, they will be towed.

City of Hazelwood Snow Routes







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