City Manager


The City Manager is the chief administrator for the City of Hazelwood, running the day-to-day operations of the city, with the other departments reporting to him.


The City Manager is appointed to serve as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer for the City of Hazelwood and is responsible to the elected City Council for the proper management of the City’s affairs in accordance with the policies as determined by the Council.


Within the City Manager’s office are several positions.

Assistant City Manager

The Assistant City Manager assists the City Manager in areas of personnel, citizen requests, special projects, and represents the City Manager’s office at various regional committees and organizations.

Community & Economic Development Coordinator

The Community and Economic Development Coordinator’s office handles business contacts and certain areas of community interest. In a meet and greet capacity, the office is responsible for facilitating the entry, maintenance, and expansion of business in the City.

In regards to community interest, the office becomes involved in public relations, marketing, and events which impact or affect the City.

The Community and Economic Development Coordinator represents the City in a business and social capacity to help maintain the economic health of the body politic.

The Community & Economic Coordinator is also responsible for communicating to city residents, employees, and the public at large information about the City of Hazelwood. This is done through a city newsletter, the website, and various media outlets.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for:

  • All worker’s comp claims
  • City property insurance claims (damages and liability)
  • Department accounts payable
  • Pension plan administration
  • Various Human Resources duties

Human Resources Assistant

The Human Resources Assistant provides information to employees regarding benefit plans, procedures and records. They also run employment vacancy advertisements.