Vacation Watch

As part of its dedication to being proactive in preventing crime, the Hazelwood Police Department offers a Vacation Watch Program for residents in the City of Hazelwood. If your home will be unoccupied for a period of time for reasons other than the residence being vacant, you are encouraged to complete a Vacation Watch request. Vacation Watch checks are conducted on every shift (as call volume permits) and are carried out in a squad vehicle and on foot. Our Vacation Watch form requires basic contact information for you as well as a local contact with a key to the residence (if applicable). Additionally, we collect information on which lights are on, drapes closed, etc. so officers can more easily identify if something is out of the ordinary. Upon your return, the assigned officer will respond to your home to verify your return and to ensure there haven’t been any problems at your residence while you were away.

A completed Vacation Watch form can be dropped off with the Police Department. Your request can also be made over the phone with the Communications Unit at (314) 838-5000 ext 1.