Tree Planting Program

The purpose of the City Tree Planting Program is to assist the residents of the City in beautifying their living area, and the City itself, by planting decorative, non-fruit bearing trees. Each resident will receive partial monetary compensation in planting two trees per living unit on their property. After each tree is purchased and planted properly, the City will refund to the resident one half the cost of the purchase, up to a maximum of $25 per tree.


  • The resident arranges for the purchase and planting of trees. If the resident is a tenant, a letter from the property owner is required, agreeing to the planting of the trees.
  • Residents shall bring the bill of sale indicating the type of tree planted to the Public Works Office. The bill of sale shall indicate the type of tree(s) planted.
  • Inspection is made to ensure tree(s) are planted in the proper location.
  • The refund is calculated and a check issued to the resident.


Trees are to be planted no more than 15 feet from the property line of the lot, but not within City Right-of-Way. If one or both of the trees die, the City will assist the resident in having them replaced under the same conditions as they were originally planted. Assistance will not be granted for trees located on vacant lots or businesses.