Senate Bill 5 Compliance (67.287.2 RSMO)

First posted December 2021

During 2021, the City of Hazelwood, Missouri, met the minimum standards established by Section 67.287.2 RSMo. as set forth below. For more information, contact the City Clerk at 314- 839-3700.

  1. The City approved a balanced annual budget listing anticipated revenues and expenditures, as required in Section 67.010 RSMo.
  2. A certified public accounting firm conducted an annual audit of the finances of the City that includes a report on the internal controls utilized by the City to prevent misuse of public funds. The City has included with the audit records its current procedures that show compliance with the recommended internal controls. 
  3. The City used a cash management and accounting system that accounts for all revenues and expenditures.
  4. The City maintained the levels of insurance that it believes to be adequate to minimize risk, including: 
    1. General liability coverage;
    2. Liability coverage with endorsements to cover emergency medical personnel and paramedics; 
    3. Police professional liability; 
    4. Workers compensation benefits for injured employees as required under the provisions of Chapter 287 RSMo.; and 
    5. Bonds for Public Officials as required by state law and the city code.

Copies of these insurance policies and bonds are available for inspection at the office of the City Clerk

  1. The City provided access at the office of the City Clerk to a complete set of ordinances adopted by its governing body, available to the public within ten business days of a written request. An online version of codified ordinances was available through
  2. The City’s Police Department was accredited by the Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies.
  3. The City’s Police Department had written policies regarding the safe operation of emergency vehicles, including a policy on police pursuits. 
  4. The City’s Police Department had written policies regarding the use of force by peace officers.
  5. The City’s Police Department had written general orders.
  6. The City’s Police Department had written policies for collecting and reporting all crime and police stop data for the City as required by law. Such policies were forwarded to the Missouri Attorney General's office. 
  7. The City conducted construction code review by city staff.