Green Committee

Green Committee

2021 marked the 11th year of the Hazelwood Green Committee. This year volunteers contributed over 360 hours in recycling and conservation activities to make Hazelwood a better community. Volunteer hours increased over 4 times from 2020, including over 215 hours in litter collection. My Thanks to the Hazelwood Enrichment Commission which joined forces with the Green Committee to add critical enthusiasm and people power to our common mission of a cleaner and greener Hazelwood. We were very busy this year!

Highlights of 2021 include:

  1. Citywide collections by Republic by type was:
    • Yard waste totaled 4,241 cubic yards – 18% increase from last year
    • Trash totaled 6,478 tons – 3% increase from last year
    • Recycling totaled 1,157 tons – 6% increase from last year
      • Markets: The Recycle/Trash ratio was 17.9%, a 0.5% improvement from 2020. Republic continues to ship all recyclables domestically. 
      • Contamination is still a concern with the percentage stable at approximately 11%
  2. 31 separate litter collection events were held, including in parks and along roadway hot spots.
    • Input was received from Animal Control, Police, Parks, and residents on areas needing clean-up help.
    • Collections were completed in 16 different parks. Musick and Howdershell received the most volunteer hours
    • Hot spot roadways included Moran, Latty, Lindbergh, Dunn, Pershall, Howdershell, Missouri Bottom, and Town and Country.
    • An Appreciation Thank You Chili Dinner was served to our volunteers in December
  3. The 10th Recycle Day was on June 12. 533 vehicles arrived with 22,376 lbs. of e-waste, 8,400 lbs. of paper for shredding, 1,940 lbs. of recyclables (mainly cardboard), 4,200 lbs. of scrap metal, 205 tires, 130 gallons of waste oil, 50 gallons of antifreeze and 25 car batteries.
  4. Provided recycling assistance at Recycle Day, Hazelwood Day, 3 Food Truck events, and an obstacle course challenge.
  5. Represented Hazelwood at 11 county, regional, and state recycling/waste management meetings.
  6. 10 Green Committee meetings with speakers from MoGreenFuture and StraightUp Solar. 
  7. Established a bluebird nesting box trail at St. Cin Park.

Recommendations for 2022 include:

  1. Establishing a Hazelwood Green Business Award(s) for companies for keeping their properties litter-free and/or implementing green business practices.
  2. Joining the regional 2022 Green City Challenge.
  3. Planning an anti-litter campaign including potential signage, vehicle litter bags, and activities.

To join the Green Committee, contact City Planner Kate Crimmins at or 314-513-5013.