What is the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?

Crisis Response Team (CRT) training, developed in Memphis TN, provides a model of specialized law enforcement expertise. Volunteer officers, based in the general patrol division, work in cooperation with the mental health system, consumers, and families. Trained CRT Police officers carry on the normal duties of law enforcement, but switch to a specialist role when a potential mental health-related crisis is identified within the City of Hazelwood.

CRT focuses on de-escalation strategies and redirecting the individual from the criminal justice system to the mental health care system. In turn, the mental health care system assumes custody of the individual and provides directed and non-restrictive accessibility to a full range of health care and social service options.

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1. What is the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?
2. How does the Crisis Response Team (CRT) work?
3. What is more than just training?
4. Why does our community need the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?
5. What are known outcomes of the Crisis Response Team (CRT)?