Safe Trade Zone

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The Hazelwood Police Department is officially opening the "Safe Trade Zone" at the Hazelwood City Hall/Police Complex.

The Area

The Safe Trade Zone is clearly marked and located on the front parking lot of the complex. Safe Trade Zone has several security and safety features that we hope will deter criminals from taking advantage of people wanting to sell goods online said, Chief Gregg E Hall.

The area is well-lit, monitored by several security cameras to record the transactions, and monitored by the Hazelwood Communication Operations Center 24/7. The main purpose of this Safe Trade Zone is for people to meet and sell their goods with less fear of a quick or violent rip-off.

Encouragement of Selling Goods

The Hazelwood Police Department encourages the residents to use the Safe Trade Zone any time they sell their goods online. #HPDCARES

How it Works

Monitored and recorded 24/7 via Hazelwood Communication Center.