Close Patrol

Residents and businesses throughout the City can request extra patrol for various reasons. Rather than pass these requests on from shift to shift by word of mouth, the Department initiated the Close Patrol Program. Whenever a request is made by a resident or business within the City of Hazelwood, a Close Patrol Form is completed and is logged into our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Close Patrols are conducted on every shift (as call volume permits) and may be carried out either by foot, in a squad vehicle, or bicycle patrol. Officers conducting Close Patrols will be on the lookout for criminal activity, damaged property, or any other activity that is not a normal everyday occurrence.

 A Close Patrol is recommended if you have recently been a victim of a crime or believe the Department needs special patrol at a residence or business due to ongoing criminal activity. These extra patrols are done on a two-week basis, but it can be extended with supervisor approval.

Close Patrol requests can be made with officers while reporting a crime or can be requested in person or over the phone with the Communications Unit at (314) 838-5000 ext. 1.