About Our Ambulance Service

4127If you are a resident of the City of Hazelwood, your insurance company and/or Medicare will be billed for the ambulance service. Whatever amount is not paid by your insurance company and/or Medicare will be written of by the Hazelwood Fire Department.  The resident has no out of pocket expense for using the ambulance service.  If you have received a letter in the mail requesting information regarding an ambulance run, the Hazelwood Fire Department has a billing agency that processes the ambulance bills.  They will need your insurance and/or Medicare information to process your ambulance claim.  Please provide them with this information.  

The Hazelwood Fire Department ambulance transports to many of the major hospitals in the St. Louis region.  However, if the patient's condition warrants a specialty hospital, then our professional trained staff working with and under the direction of our Medical Control will suggest a hospital that can better address the patient's needs.  In the event of icy or snow covered roadways and present a safety issue or lengthy transport delays, it may become necessary to transport patients to a closer medical facility. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office, 314-731-3424