Resident Cards

A current resident card is required to receive resident rates for admittance to the community centers, the aquatic center, classes and room rentals, to obtain picnic permits and to fish at Truman Park Pond. Resident cards expire annually on December 31st. Card renewal is free with current proof of residency.

Non-Residents wishing to use the Recreation Facilities must obtain a City-issued ID card for facility access. A valid photo ID and current proof of residency must be provided to the ID card to be issued.


A new card is $3. Replacement cards are also $3.

How to Obtain

Resident cards can be obtained at the Hazelwood Community Center located at 1186 Teson Road. 

Individuals, 21 years and older, must provide a valid photo ID and current proof of residency to apply for a resident card.

Parents/guardians may obtain resident cards for themselves and all other family members, ages 6 to 20, by presenting current proof of residency, a valid photo ID and completed resident card application.  

Adult family members, 21 years of age or older, residing with parents/guardians must present their own current proof of residency and valid photo ID when applying for resident cards. 

Assistance in determining other items which may be used for proof of residency is available by calling 314-731-0980.